Monday, April 05, 2004

Happy One Month Birthday

Gracie, you are so beautiful
and you have been mine for one whole month!
Daddy and I love youso much.
Happy one month birthday
baby Gracie!
First Month Excitement:
Was welcomed into the world; her cord stump fell off; got her first bath; she outgrew newborn diapers; went for her very first family outing (To Chili's for dinner); gets her first taste of coke; meets Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Lou, Uncle Brian and Mariah and later Mamaw & Papaw.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Beautiful Baby, One Month Old

From family email April 3, 2004:
Friends & Family:

Garren and I wanted to update you on our newest arrival. Gracie is nearly a month old now (born March 5), and she is a real delight. She is such a happy baby, and besides being sleep deprived Garren and I are adjusting well. I am a full time mom and loving it. I must admit staying in your pajamas all day is a great perk--but on the downside, I never know what day it is.
Gracie was born with some jaundice, but rest assured that it is gone, and she is very healthy and growing so fast!! Garren and I can't believe how big she has gotten in just one month. She's already smiling at us and can't stand that she is too little to walk or talk. She is definitely trying to talk, and the poor little thing gets so frustrated that she starts to cry. Not that it's much of a cry; we were blessed with a "squeaker." Meaning she doesn't really cry, she makes more of a squeaking sound.
I am very excited about Easter. The things that thrill me these days!! I can't wait to put together her Easter basket. Don't worry she will get plenty of goodies.
We all three want to thank you for the sweet cards and gifts and emails we have received since she was born. You were all so thoughtful. I will get caught up on those thank you notes as soon as possible, I promise.
I am sending two new photos of her taken this weekend. I hope that you enjoy them. And, please keep in touch and let us know how your lives are going.
All our Love,
Barbara, Garren, & Gracie

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