Saturday, December 25, 2004

Gracie's First Christmas

(From Personal Journal)
Gracie’s first Christmas. Gracie got up early at 8:30am. We let her crawl in to the living room. Much to our dismay, she stopped to play with her old toys behind Garren’s chair. After some re-direction, she headed for the tree. Her first stop was the Peak-A-Blocks.
After a morning nap, we realized she was hot and had a high fever. It’s likely her teeth. She had fun playing, but was still fussy.
Big news today—Gracie walked behind her new hippo toy! Garren and I couldn’t believe it! We were so excited we called relatives and set up the webcam.
Dinner was a disaster, but we ended up having fun eating turkey, rolls and potatoes in bed! A neat picnic for Christmas!

Gracie’s Gifts:
*Toy train, stacking activity blocks, yellow dress w/matching pants—Aunt Lou
*Peak-A-Block Hippo, pink pajamas, red sleeper, ornament—Mamaw & Papaw
*Pink crocheted sweater jacket with hood—Sharon
*Refrigerator magnets, Baby’s First photo album, 2 board books, blanket backpack, ladybug hair clips—Mommy & Daddy
*Baby photo album, Pippity Pop Elephant, PAB Giraffe, PAB Dump truck, Baby’s first Bible Stories, Books, dresses, overalls, sweaters, plush bear, draft monkey, Leap Frog Piano—Grandma & Grandpa
*Rock-N-Roll trike, Puffalump baby, Wish Bear, board books, PAB Ark, Underwater PAB, plush dog, socks, ABC & number magnets—Santa

We got Christmas cards from: Grandma & Grandpa; Mark Reynolds; Heather, Kenny, DJ, Ryan & Casey Walsh; Linda & AD Kennedy; Shannon & GW McCarthy; Katie & Matt Waters; Donnie, Karen, Tina & Heather Sager; Elaine Summers; Allyson Hatfield; Phyllis & Eddie Hicks; Raybet Construction (Ruth); Connie, Gene & Bud Hensley; Dennis & Sharon Bowers; Lou Nash; Sara & Dean Howard; Betty & Tommy Wooldridge; Kathy, Katie & Brett Ashwell; Don & Mary Ellen Shriver; Charles Fletcher; Erica Walczak

Gracie's Letter To Santa

Dear Santa:

My name is Gracie. This is my first Christmas and I am very excited about your visit tonight. Mommy and Daddy took me to see you at the mall--but I was too shy to sit on your lap, so my cousin Mariah said I should email you a letter. I have been a very good girl this year, all nine months! I would like some more Peak-A-Blocks, and some new books because they are my favorite. Thank you for reading my letter, be sure to taste the cookies I helped mommy make for you, and share with the reindeer. Love,Gracie

Santa's Reply: Merry Christmas!!We are heading out on our flight now since it is Christmas in some parts of the world, however one of the elves is helping and relaying any last minute requests! (Aren't computers great!) love,
Santa, Mrs. Claus, the elves, and the reindeer

You can help your little one email santa via:
The picture above is of Gracie sneaking the cookies meant for Santa, this was not posed, I was trying to get a cute picture of the letter we left, but she wanted the cookies!!

Friday, December 24, 2004

Gracie's First Christmas Eve

(From Personal Journal)
Gracie’s first Christmas Eve. I made chicken casserole for dinner and dressed Gracie in an adorable green/blue plaid dress. We surprised Gracie with a Christmas tree earlier in the week. Still curious, Gracie continues to pull at the tree and lights.
I emailed Santa for Gracie and we emailed photos to family. Gracie took a sip (and later a full cup) of Gingeraile. Other firsts included: drinking from her pumpkin sipper and tasting a candy cane.
Other fun things: we wrote Santa a letter and left him cookies and milk and 2 carrots for the reindeer. To close the evening Garren read the Christmas story from the Bible.
Other fun pre-Christmas events:
*I made Gracie’s first stocking (Holly Hobbie)
*Garren, Gracie and I made Neman Marcus cookies together
*Watching Rankin/Bass Christmas specials together on TV
*Seeing Santa twice, though neither time would she sit on his lap alone.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ready For Christmas

From family email December 8, 2004:
Dear Friends & Family:

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is nearly here--but even harder to believe that our baby Gracie is 9 months old! 2 more teeth have popped through, making the grand total to 4. And she is cruising every where and is talking up a storm. (She's just like her momma!!!) It doesn't matter to us that the rest of the world can't understand her-- we know she is sharing tons of interesting facts.
Garren and I are getting excited about the holidays. We have decorated the apartment--except the tree, we figure the fewer days for our little tot to get into the tree--the better!!!
The three of us will travel to Lynchburg for Christmas with Grandma & Grandpa the weekend of the 19th. And we'll be spending Christmas day and eve here in Strasburg for our first Christmas together. Gracie has already seen Santa Claus once (I am sending the picture, that's her cousin Mariah with her), and this weekend we plan to take her to see a local Christmas parade and to a park where the have a walking lights tour. Don't worry we have tons of warm bunting to wrap her up in!!!
Well I had to share this adorable picture of Gracie in her Christmas pajamas--and to wish all of you a happy holiday (I plan to get Christmas cards done soon.) And I will be sure to share pictures from Christmas morning.

Happy Holidays and All Our Love,
Barbara, Garren & Gracie

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Nine Whole Months!

Happy nineth month birthday Gracie! You have reached another exciting milestone. You have come so far...teeth, crawling, pulling yourself up, stading thing you know you will be headed to kindergarten! I am so proud of you. Mommy and Daddy love you!!!