Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Gracie's Second Easter

From family email March 30, 2005:
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday and are enjoying the spring. Gracie had a fun Easter week. We started off with a surprise trip to Tennessee. We were only there for a few days as Garren covered a hearing in Abingdon. Unfortunately we had little notice and were unable to see everyone while we were there. We will be back in TN for the week of May 14-21. We hope that we get to spend time with all of our Tennessee friends!! We spent last week in Lynchburg with Grandma & Grandpa & Mariah (our niece). Gracie cried on the lap of the Easter Bunny, but loved the train in the mall that was there for the occasion. She looked adorable in her Easter dress that mom made for her...and she and Mariah were precious since Mariah requested an identical dress.
The Easter bunny was very good to Gracie and she got to dye eggs for the first time. We did orange (her favorite color), and purple (the color of Barney)--she had a wonderful time. She got an Easter basket from Grandma & Grandpa; and the Easter bunny brought her first baseball, a dump truck for the sand, several books, and finger puppets, as well as other cute odds and ends including her first chocolate.
Gracie is walking and talking up a storm. She is very proud of herself and insists on walking everywhere. She just got really confident within the last week or so. She is also repeating everything she hears. It’s amazing how fast she learns. She is also pretending!! I wouldn't believe the other day she fed her baby pretzel and made the "ummmmm" sound while doing it--and then ate the pretzel because she knew the baby wasn't really eating it!!!
I have boosted enough. As always we would love to hear from you and get pictures!!!

All our love,
Barbara, Garren & Gracie

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Happy Birthday Gracie

From family email March 8, 2005:
Thank you all for the cards, gifts, and birthday wishes as we celebrated Gracie's first birthday. Gracie had a wonderful time at her party at Grandma & Grandpa's. Garren and I had a joyous time as well celebrating one wonderful year together as a family. I got to bake and decorate her cakes and pick out her party dress-so I was in "mommy heaven."
I am sending some of the better pictures from the party. If you notice the red spots on her face, it was from the cake! She had an allergic skin reaction to the food coloring I put in the icing!! But she's okay, and the red marks dissipated in about an hour.
She got to go to a birthday lunch at McDonalds with both sets of Grandparents. Garren's mom, dad, brother and grandfather all drove 5 hours Saturday morning from TN to spend the day with Gracie. Her party was a big success even though it snowed! She had a fish party with plenty of homemade decorations, and a homemade cake--and 3 Elmo balloons! (She was very excited with the balloons--she had never seen balloons before!)
Thank you all who were there and the many more that sent us cards and gifts. But most of all we thank you for thinking of our daughter. I have a ton of thank you notes to write--so be patient with me.

All our Love,
Barbara, Garren & Gracie

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Still More Snow

From family email March 2, 2005:
I wanted to share some precious pictures of Gracie in the snow Monday (2-28-05). We got about 8 inches here. They were calling for 12--meteorologists! (Just kidding Mark!). Gracie had a blast in her homemade laundry basket sled.
Garren and I are excited about Gracie's first birthday. It's been the fastest and best year of my life! For those of you unable to come to Gracie's party, and those of you who will be there--expect plenty of pictures afterwards.
We are so proud of her. Last week she took her first steps! She takes two to four steps at a time to places she wants to go. She now has 8 teeth. The last one came in Sunday. The doctor says she is healthy, and she is now 23 pounds (although I think the scale was wrong--she has to be at least 30 pounds!!) and she is 30 inches tall. Her new favorite thing is animal crackers!! She can't get enough. And of course she still loves Barney.
We hope ALL of you are doing well. Please stay in touch. And thank you for your birthday cards and Valentine's. They were much appreciated.

All our love,
Barbara, Garren & Gracie