Thursday, July 28, 2005

All About Our Baby

Welcome to our "blog." I created this site to tell the world... and update our family about Baby Gracie. I hope you enjoy the updates and pictures.

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New Blog & Gracie's Letters

From Email July 28, 2005:

Friends & Family:

Hey guess what! I have FINALLY figured how to make a baby website. As if you all weren't already tired of hearing about my baby--now you can hear some more!

I "borrowed" the idea from Shannon and GW. It's technically a blog, and I have had the best time putting it together. I can update it anytime I want without much hassle, and put pictures on it. I would love for all of you to visit my site if you can.

Its all about Gracie. As for the "little princess," she is doing well. Growing like a weed and repeating everything you say. She is so much fun now. She plays pretend and she has spells where she is really huggy and kissy! And, I know you wouldn't belive it unless you saw it--but my child is very smart--she can count to 10 by herself, knows the letters A, C, & E and knows what letters are and pretends to read by saying "AEIOU." Garren taught her the "AEIOU" part, but I did the rest!

As if you couldn't guess I love being a mom. I plan to start posting my daily trials of being a stay at home mom on my blog--that is when I find a few minutes during her nap where I am not catching up on laundry or dishes, etc.

I hope all of you are well. I haven't heard from ANYONE in the past few months. Please stay in touch, we care about all of you deeply and want to know what's happening in your lives.

Barbara, Garren & Gracie

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Spaghetti Face

Last night we let Gracie eat Spaghetti by herself. Usually she feeds herself with the exception of Spaghetti. That's because it is a terrible mess to clean up off of the floor. But she has to learn sometime!!! Spaghetti is Gracie's favorite food, so she had a blast eating it by herself. She started off with the fork I gave her, and then she found it much easier to use her hands. I took some cute pictures.

Gracie is continuing to grow. 2 more teeth have popped through, giving her 16, I think. We spent last week in Lynchburg with mom and dad (and Mariah), and she had a great time playing outside and in the pool. One of the biggest draw backs to living in Strasburg is not having a yard for Gracie to play. She loves to be outdoors and this apartment is too small. I also don't like that we are so far away from grandparents. Garren and I both believe Gracie should know and see her extended family.

**My FIRST blog post!**

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Congratulations Becky & Mike

Best wishes to Becky and Mike as they decide to share their lives together. May God bless your October wedding. We hope to be there and celebrate with you.
Becky (and Sara, who threw the party) also included Gracie and I at her July bridal shower. Gracie had a great time running around Sara's house and eating every sweet thing she could find. It was really neat to see old friends again and catch up on things. I was also glad that Becky (who lives in Atlanta) could finally see Gracie in person.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Feel Better Mamaw

Garren, Gracie and I continue to send our prayers and get well wishes to Garren's mom who continues to recover from her May accident. Cheryl broke both her arms, pelvis and some ribs--but has made an astounding recovery and has completed her therapy.

We hope to return to Tennessee in August to see her, the family and Garren's sister Heather and her family.