Saturday, October 07, 2006

Apple Fun

Apparently Daddy really, really wanted an apple pie today; because we found ourselves at the orchard this afternoon in cold, rainy weather.

Actually, we had already planned to go and get some fresh apples this weekend, and we decided not to let the gloomy weather keep us from it. Northern Virginia is famous for its apples, and the Marker-Miller orchard we went to today didn't disappoint.

Garren was just going to get some of the apples the orchard had neatly inside, but what's the fun in that?! It had stopped raining, and though everything was wet and muddy and cold, we let Gracie pick apples anyway.

Gracie had a wonderful time pulling the apples from the tree. The funny part was you have to pull the apples pretty hard to get them off the branches; and since the leaves were covered with rain, when you got the apple, you also got sprayed with water. She loved it though. She went from tree to tree saying "how about this one daddy!" It didn't take long before our bag was full.

Garren and I were very happy to find the apple trees full of some of the largest apples we had ever seen. And, when we got back to the car with the soggy baby in tow, she couldn't wait to try our bounty. By the time we got home Gracie had devoured at least half of the Golden Delicious she selected. I did get a bite of the aforementioned apple, and it was very sweet and juicy!

So what do you do with a "peck" of apples? Make pies of course!

After dinner tonight, Gracie and I put on our aprons and made some pies. Nothing says fall to me like apple pie, and I was so excited to share the experience with Gracie this year. And, she was an excellent helper. You can catch some of the baking action in the video that Garren shot below.

The pies are in the oven now, and we are looking forward to tasting them! Well let you know how they turn out. We wish all of you as much fall fun as we are having!

To see more apple pictures, you'll find them in the October 2006 folder.

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Candice said...

Sounds like fun Gracie! I have to admit those are some funny looking apple trees! They look like bushes! The pie looks delicious! I hope you have vanilla ice cream too.