Friday, October 20, 2006

Early Halloween Fun

Two other girls, besides my own, went home this afternoon with a rather large sugar buzz thanks to the Halloween party Gracie and I hosted.

The monthly party was a great success and there were plenty of sweet treats to choose from, mostly Halloween themed--of course. We had cupcakes with pumpkin sprinkles, animal crackers, gummy worms, apple slices, ghost lollipops, and popcorn.

After everyone got their fill of sugar, we cleaned up and made a craft. I cut out a person from construction paper for each of the girls to "dress' for tick-or-treating. I think they had the most fun with the craft as they choose from a variety of fabric scraps, beads, ribbons, and more. (I helped Gracie make her trick or treater in to a ballerina.)

Once craft time was over I thought; what better Halloween activity is there than playing dress up? I pulled out Gracie's rather enormous supply of dress up clothes and accessories. The girls played very happily until around 5 when it was time to go home. But, their fun didn't end there! They each got to take home a plastic pumpkin full of treats, lollipop ghosts, a coloring page as well as their crafts.

These parties are so much for Gracie and I, and we truly do enjoy the time to play and talk with the other ladies from the apartment. Of course I took plenty of pictures, and you can see them here.

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