Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fun Afternoon Bargain Shopping

This afternoon our living room turned in to the local Gracie-Mart.

Thanks to some trash that hadn't yet made it to the bag yet, and a little help from the neighbors, I was able to "stock" the mart with plenty of fun things that would entice any shopper.

Gracie was ready to bargain hunt when she found the store when she woke up from nap. She took turns being shopper and cashier, and was thrilled that I brought up her play grocery cart. We played grocery for over and hour before Daddy came home and it was time to go grocery shopping for real.

Our trip to Wal-Mart ended up adding more supplies for Gracie's market, and I have no doubt that tomorrow will also bring hours of fun play.

As for me, I am the designated "bagger" and "stock lady."

Click for more Gracie-Mart pictures in the October folder.

Above: Gracie takes time to get everything on her shopping list. As for the merchandise; I washed out plastic bottles and taped up cardboard boxes...all items you would purchase at the store.

PS: Grandparents, Candice, and anyone else who might be interested, Gracie successfully matched items today. We did some worksheets where you had to find the match, and I was excited to see her breeze through them. I videoed it for you, click here.

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Grandma said...

Gracie, You are very good at playing store. Grandpa and I never know what to buy when we go to the store. When Grandpa goes to the store, he doesn't take a list so he always forgets something. Maybe next time we see you, you could help Grandpa and I at the store. Love you lots.