Sunday, October 29, 2006

Goodbye Breakfast

Mamaw & Papaw went back to Tennessee this morning, after sharing a breakfast at Cracker Barrel.

Gracie seemed to have a great time this weekend despite her runny nose, and this morning's "breakfast party" was a nice ending to a very nice weekend. Gracie was thouroughly spoiled and mamaw & papaw got plenty of quality time with her.

We ended up not going to the trunk or treat fun last night because of Gracie's cold, but everyone stayed inside and I made apple pies and we had the UT game on. Gracie got even more "presents" as well since Garren took his parents to Winchester to look for a winter coat and came back, predictably, with much more. One of these items included a giant Dora coloring book, and another was the most adorable facsimile of Lucie in a carrier! For the rest of the day the new Lucie went with us everywhere.

We are so glad that Jack and Cheryl came to visit and we really appreciate all the "presents" and enjoyed all of our fun activities. We look forward to seeing them again in a few weeks for Thanksgiving.

To see all the pictures, click here.

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