Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucie

Happy Birthday Lucie!

I miss you so much, and I can't wait to play with you again.
I hope you get a doggie birthday cake and lots of presents, and Candice & Elliott sing the birthday song to you!

Love You Lots!

Since Gracie lives so far from Lucie, we decided to have a birthday party here to celebrate. This afternoon Gracie and I decorated a pretend cake and invited some friends to Lucie's second birthday party.

I may have mentioned before that while in Lynchburg 2 months ago, Grandma found a grey puppy magnet that looks just like the real Lucie. From that point on, Gracie's "Lucie" goes with her everywhere. For Gracie its the next best thing to actually getting to play with the real Lucie, who is at Candice's house in TN. And lately all Gracie can talk about are birthday parties and birthday cake and presents. I have no idea where she gets it from, but today proved to be a perfect excuse to throw a birthday party.

So, back to the party. Gracie helped decorate the cake and we sang to Lucie, and then of course we had party snacks. But, that Lucie she kept licking the cake! I took some really cute pictures and added them to the October folder.

In the meantime, we want to sing the birthday song to the real Lucie.

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Candice said...

Thanks Gracie! Lucie listened to you singing! She can't wait to see you in November! She got a major haircut on her birthday. She's being silly and going crazy now. Elliott srcubbed her all up in the bathtub, and that makes her really wild. Well, I better go play ball with her(Lucie's favorite thing) since it's her birthday!