Monday, October 09, 2006

Maybe It's Just Me...

I didn't think that Gracie's appetite could get any bigger, then again I never thought that my 2 and half year old could possibly grow anymore this year either!

So, maybe it's just me.

Here's what my little one ate today, you tell me: 2 whole apples, 10-12 cubes of cheese, 2 packages of raisins, 1 package fruities (she could have eaten more, but I only let her have one a day), 1 granola bar, 6 inch sub (she ate the whole thing bread and all!) and 6 saltine crackers.

As for the growing, I have a trash bag full of clothes that proves she continues to grow. The picture I have posted with this entry was taken yesterday when we got home from the Family Fun Day event in Woodstock. The overalls she has on are a very cute size 6, and as you can see they are only slightly cuffed and this is because her shoes were off. This means that they really fit now, and it won't be long before she has outgrown them if she takes yet another growth spurt.

Garren and I aren't worried about Gracie's growth, after all she is well proportioned and she isn't chubby at all. I guess all that food goes straight in to energy. The part I least like is that it is getting harder and harder to pick her up and carry her around. Plus, you all know I worry about how much larger she is than other children, so to strangers she seems like a 6 year old with speech difficulty. But, I have decided not to worry too much about that--I have too many other things to focus on like upping the grocery list! ;)

Anyway, I would love to have some input--maybe it really is just me. Aren't all 2 and half year olds 40 pounds and 39.5 inches tall?

I borrowed the neighbor's scale and re-measured her, she's up 4 pounds and down .5 inches in height from July, which means we probably did the height wrong last time. The "book" has her literally off the charts in height and above the 100th percentile in weight. But hey, they could be wrong ;)

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