Monday, October 02, 2006

Too Cute For Words

I just had to post this picture! I pulled this dress out of her closet that I bought last year from a thrift store when I dressed her this morning. It looks perfect on her! Of course my homemade bows add to the over all cuteness effect. Now, do you see what I am talking about--kids don't need to dress like they are 10--we have to savor how precious they are at this age!

Enjoy, I know I am!

Added 1:40pm

Gracie and I just came in from having a wonderful time in this gorgeous weather. I took Gracie's tricycle with us for another peddling "lesson."

After our 45 minutes of "happy hour," I am sure she and the Fisher-Price Red Tike Trike will be hard to beat during qualifying :)

I took several pictures and got a few videos. I have posted the best one below. She was peddling all by herself. It was downhill, but I still think it counts!

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Grandma said...

Gracie: Although you are adorable anyway, the dress and hairbows are cute too. I enjoyed watching the video. You are doing a good job riding your tricycle. It looks like you are trying to ask Mama "What's the big deal? Of course I can do this!" Love you lots.