Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick Or Treating Fun

I just put Gracie down, and the last thing she told me before I kissed her good night was "momma, I am tired."

My tuckered out puppy dog had a wonderful time this evening trick or treating around mom and dad's neighborhood--something I was doubting would happen when 6:00 arrived.

After Gracie's nap this afternoon, we took Mariah and Gracie to the local pumpkin patch in Lynchburg, which is really just a holiday playground for the kids with several of those inflatable bouncy things. You can of course by pumpkins too, but I think the family that owns it really makes their money from charging per kid to play on the equipment.

Anyway, Gracie didn't want anything to do with those fun inflatable things. We finally managed to get her to try out a really neat wooden playset with slide. One slide and she was hooked! She also ran around and climbed up on the hay bales as well as the "tunnels" underneath.

Since we were pressed for time, we only stayed about an hour, and we hadn't planned to get any pumpkins, but since it was the last day they were open, they were selling their small painted pumpkins for $2. Gracie picked out a Tigger one, Mariah got one with a pink flower.

We came back home to eat dinner and get ready for trick or treating, only every other family in Lynchburg also had the bright idea to get pizza, so we had to wait a while. This is when Gracie started to get fussy. I couldn't get her to eat her pizza or anything else for that matter. She was crying and upset. I think she was anxious about the costume and what was going to happen that night. We had already had a few trick or treaters come to the door and she wasn't too sure about it.

It took some convincing, but I got her in to her puppy costume, and we headed out. Around house number 5, Gracie was really getting in to it. She was talking up a storm and telling the people at the houses "I am a puppy!" She also told me "I love my pumpkin" (she had a plastic pumpkin to collect her treats in), and "I like trick or treating." She really did have a great time, and she would hold her little pumpkin out for the people to put in the candy. Unfortunately, Gracie didn't want to wait to see what she got until we got home. She dropped her bucket several times because she was pulling all the good stuff out to see it!

She had a wonderful time tonight and I am so glad. She never did eat dinner, but she was allowed one treat when she got back. It would be too cruel to not let a little one have at least one piece after seeing all of that yummy stuff. She picked out a Scooby-Do lollipop from the mound of candy on the bed (Grandpa wanted her to get the full effect of her bounty and poured it all out for her to see).

I am so sorry that Garren couldn't be with us tonight for this special time, and I know he is upset he missed it. During election season, poor Daddy is too swamped to take any time off. So, to ease his pain, and for the rest of you too, here are Halloween pictures. Oh, and you will see that even Lucie got in on the fun, you will have to check out her costume as well. Enjoy!

PS: If you have the time, please tell us what you did for Halloween or what your costume was (or your child's), Gracie was really fascinated by what everyone was dressed up as. You can leave your notes in the comments section.

**Above: Gracie gets candy from Uncle Brian before we head out in to the neighborhood. I couldn't get Gracie to say "Trick or Treat" to any of the nieghbors, or even "thank you" (she was too shy), but when we finished out trek through several streets, she did say it to Uncle Brian for which he gave her another peice of candy!**


Katie said...

I wore my Mickey Mouse ears to work on Halloween. :)

Shannon said...

Luke was a cowboy. I haven't put pics up yet of the actual trick or treat, but we had a very fun time. Especially seeing dogs in the neighborhood, some even dressed up too.

Candice said...

Hey Gracie. Lucie was terrified of the pumpkin I carved. I thought you might think she was silly! She can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!