Friday, August 31, 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chill Out Time

And boy did they need it!!!

Emma stayed with us a little later than usual tonight as her mommy splurged on a haircut; and this mommy needed a little help. The girls had been playing very nicely with each other all day, but they were both tired and very punchy. After several rounds of "spinning until dizzy and then cackling," and "pull out everything mommy just put away and laugh harder," I sat the two down for a cool down time.

Both girls got some juice, a blankie, and a Baby Einstein video.

This seemed to work. They calmed down and watched the video. It ended around 8:04pm, just as Kathy came in.

Gracie got ready for bed and so did Emma.

I had to snap this picture of the two of them cuddling together in Garren's chair. Tomorrow is Emma's last day here, so I will try and take as many pictures as possible and hopefully a few videos. I told Gracie that Emma was starting "baby school," so she can start to deal with her not being here.

My Little Picaso

Isn't she good. She says it is the Grinch (she's been watching DVD's from the library of Dr. Suess). She started to color him all green, but I think lost interest when Emma was doing something else.

PreSchool Countdown

4 Days And Counting

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PreSchool Orientation

We got a taste of what "school" was going to be like tonight when we took Gracie to her Preschool Orientation.

I didn't know what to expect from the classroom, the other kids, the teachers...or even Gracie.

I was pleasantly surprised.

We got there on time (maybe even a few minutes early--I can't stand to be late for anything!) and walked in to the very small classroom. I was in awe of how organized it was, and just how many toys were filling this very small space. Many of the toys by the way Gracie already had in her room. Garren says I could start my own preschool in there.

Anyway, we met Gracie's other teacher Ms. Stephanie. We already knew Ms. Christine from church. As for the other kids they all seemed somewhat shy like Gracie, some more than others. I did notice that Gracie towered above them though.

Gracie clinged to us for a short while before the lure of the toys got the best of her. She went from toy to toy and had a great time playing.

While the kids played Ms. Stephanie gathered us parents around the tables. I sat in a chair that may now be critically wounded. She went through the daily routine and reassured us. Well she at least she reassured me. They seem to have a good day planned (well 2 1/2 hours anyway). They do songs and play as well as crafts. The handbook even listed that there would be field trips. I am so excited for her.

After the parents got the low down, I was ready to get out of there. It had to have been 100 degrees in that small room. Much to my dismay and relief: Gracie threw a fit over leaving. I had her clean up her mess and we headed out of the room. The entire time she is getting louder and louder, "I don't want to go home, I want to go to school." This chant continued on the car ride home and several minutes after we arrived. I decided not to make a big deal of it, and to not let it break my heart. She had fun at school and wanted to stay.

I reassured her that she would go back to school on Tuesday and today was just practice. Plus, I reminded her that Grandma was going to take her shopping for her backpack (she has her own cubby and everything!!!) and I am sure other supplies that we don't need but Gracie wants.

After a call to Grandma to tell her about meeting the teachers, we ate dinner--and then came another surprise.

While the kids were down for a nap I baked Gracie a cake and decorated it for school. She loved it. She had a slice before heading to bed.

It was a good evening, and a learning (and growing) experience for Mommy, Daddy, and Big Girl Gracie.

PreSchool Countdown

6 Days And Counting

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fair Fun

Gracie had a blast tonight as we returned to the fair...this time to play.

Garren and I drew straws, and he got the wristband with Gracie to ride all the rides they wanted. (Actually, he volunteered, he loves rides and coasters and such and I didn't want to take that away from him)

Her favorite of course is the carousel, so that was what we hit first. We would "hit" the carousel 4 more times before the end of the evening. She had fun on the other rides, but this remains her favorite of all time.

She rode rides so many times I lost count. They had one of those huge slides there where you go down on burlap bags. I still remember going down one of those with my daddy. So, after some convincing, Gracie went down the slide on Daddy's lap. I could see her ear to ear grin by the time she was half way down! She loved it so much she went right back up again, and for a third time later.

Other firsts: Gracie went on her first roller coaster, or as she calls it "roller poster." It was a tiny one that looked like maybe a dragon. Garren said she was scared at first, but was okay after the 3rd loop.

After what seemed like hours of walking and riding, we packed it in. I wanted that delicious smelling BBQ I had found on Friday, and Gracie and Daddy wanted near by Taco Bell. So, we brought home a shmorgas board of late dinner choices.

Gracie had a fantastic time at the fair. It is shaping up to be an exciting week for her; first a roller poster, and then school orientation!

More Fair pictures here.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Princess Mallory

Gracie, Emma, Kathy and I all went to watch as tonight, as Mallory got to be a princess. Well, that's what Gracie thought. She thinks all of those girls in big dresses and tiaras are princesses. So, you can imagine how excited she was to see that Mallory dressed up as one.

Mallory, as you may have guessed, participated in the Teen Miss. Shenandoah County Fair pageant in Woodstock and she looked beautiful in her blue formal dress.

The pageant was actually pretty long, but Gracie and Emma did rather well for two little ones who had to sit (somewhat) still for over an hour.

We cheered very loudly as Mallory crossed the stage. It looked like loads of fun, but I would never have had the courage to do that at her age. Kudos to our 14 year old sweetheart!

After the pageant Gracie gave Mallory flowers, and I snapped several pictures.

I wanted to share this picture of how much Gracie loves her real life princess.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Green With Envy

Aren't they just adorable. Emma showed up in lime green today, and with out thinking about it, I picked out the green outfit for Gracie. After I dressed her I saw the coincidence. I had to take their pictures.

Pretty close to professional wouldn't you say? ;)


...please. :)

We added a new paw print to our postcard project map (thank you Heather, explaining the Bahama's was s little difficult, but fun).

As you can see we are missing several states and we would like your help. Can you send us a postcard and tell us about where you live or where you vacationed.

Gracie loves this project so much. Any child loves to get mail, but the pictures and using the map are a great way to teach her about other people and geography.

Thank you in advance,
Barbara & Gracie

You can click the map to see it bigger, but I think you can tell the states we are missing. Easy ones for friends and family: Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey, West Virginia, Kentucky, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

Of course I want Gracie to be ahead of the curve, but there are few things that we need to catch up on before she starts preschool in a few weeks. One of those tasks is using a cup.

I love sippy cups, they are great for everything and every where; especially since they don't spill. But, it occurred to me that they won't exactly be handing out sippys at preschool. I noticed this problem at Bible School on Saturday when all of the other kids handled their cups of lemonade just fine, and Gracie panicked and begged me to pour hers into her sippy cup. As always I had one packed. But, she had to drink apple juice while the rest got the sweeter lemonade.

This morning I thought it would be a good time to practice (Emma was still down and Gracie wasn't dressed yet). I pulled out what I thought would be the easiest cup to use: the $.50 vintage Disney World mug I got a yard sale.

She did pretty well. I made a big deal about practicing for school and she was happy to try. She spilled very little and has been drinking from it ever since.

Yea Gracie!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Thrift Store Treasure

Emma stayed home today. We are on day 2 of solid rain. Gracie and I got out!!!

17 books (Little Critter, Dr. Suess & More!!!)
1 Hello Kitty puppet
1 Tico's Treehouse (Dora)
1 Soft Fabric (Large) Noah's Ark with animals included
1 Very Large Papa Bear (Berenstain Bears--awesome find!!!!)

3 Thrift Stores

Monday, August 20, 2007

Tea For Four

I had so much fun yesterday, I decided to have a tea of my own.

Actually, it started out as an adventurous morning as I decided to try and make those delicious cucumber sandwiches I had eaten. I looked on line and found that there are a multitude of ways people make those dainty sandwiches. I scrapped the Internet, and went with the tastes I remembered: cream cheese, ranch, pineapple & dill. My creation was close to prefect. Not nearly as good as the ones we had, but very close. I think the fresh cucumber from the garden helped too!

Once that was finished I was trying to think of what to fix Gracie for breakfast. My pride in the first experiment, led me to try another.

I love Rachel Ray, she is so neat to watch. Anyway, I remembered watching her make these egg muffins (sort of), and how she said kids loved them. I had eggs, so I decided to give it a try. her recipe called for Swiss cheese and Canadian bacon. I didn't have those, so I used cheddar and Hickory Farms sausage (it had been in my freezer since Christmas). I also added some green pepper. The turned out great! I took some next door and the Mozingo's loved them too. You can find the recipe here. Oh, and she used mini-muffin pans, which I also didn't have. So, it took twice as long for them to cook (I just waited until they were a little brown on top).

Since I hadn't seen Colette or Mallory in over a week, I invited them over to try the cucumber sandwiches and chat this afternoon. I hadn't planned to get formal, but the kids were down for a nap and you know me.

Anyway, they had a change in scheduling, but Kathy and Emma joined us for a spot of tea before they went home.

It was a nice time just for a chat. I have always loved tea parties, and I think Gracie and I will take more time to pull out a little fancy for ourselves. After all, I think everyone needs a little fancy in their lives.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ladies Tea

I am not sure who had more fun, Gracie or I! And, now I want a hat!

We attended the afternoon tea hosted by the United Methodist Women today and had the best time.

I dressed Gracie up in the cutest tea party dress and I even tried to gussy myself up as well. When we got there Gracie was the only child, and I was youngest "lady," but we had a grand time. Most of the ladies were really decked out. They reminded me so much of my Aunt Lou, only they were wearing hats. I love them--and I want hats now. I am sure I could pull it off.

The tables were done up so fancy, and each one had a platter of tiny cakes and sandwiches and fruit. I got my first taste of a cucumber sandwich--and I love it!

Everyone brought thier own tea cup and saucer. I brought Gracie's Fisher Price tea set so she wouldn't worry about breaking anything.

They brought hot water to the table (I filled Gracie's pot up with cool water), and we had individual tea bags and cubes of sugar and everything. (Can you tell I had the best time!)

I poured Gracie some water and gave her a tea bag and showed her how to dip it. She added a sugar cube and stirred so daintily. She didn't want to pick up the cup and drink, so she drank it a spoonful at a time and loved it. She tasted each of the treats including the cucumber sandwiches (also loved it), but her favorite were the tiny cakes with icing roses.

As the tea wore down, we got another surprise. Gracie's place setting had a number on it which meant she won a prize. She got a tea pot cookie cutter.

What a wonderful time. The ladies were so sweet and I was in my element; a formal tea with not so formal women. It was like an afternoon with Lou when she pulled out the special dishes just for us. I was in heaven.

Tea Party & Bible School Pictures

She Did It!!!!

She stood up there with all the other kids! She didn't sing, but she stood up there.

When we got to church we found the other Bible school kids and Gracie even sat on the front pew with them. I think it helped that she sat in between Carson and Brady. She looked back a few times where Garren and I were sitting (2 rows behind), and we waved and cheered her on. She would smile and turn back around.

Then the time came for them to stand up front. I was so nervous my knees were literally shaking! The Bible school director positioned her up front and it looked as if she was going to run back down the isle, but she didn't!

She had brought Dora along (I think for moral support), and she held her very tight during the song. I was hoping that she would sing like she did yesterday, but I am happy for the small steps.

Of course I videoed it. They are too cute. I probably would have cried, but I was trying to keep the camera steady and Garren and I had on our biggest smiles so that she would feel okay up there.

She is getting so big....high school graduation is just around the corner, then she's off to college. It is all happening to fast!!!! I need to cry some more now, you can watch the video.

Bible School Pictures

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Brave Little Toasters

Gracie and Daddy and Mommy were brave little toasters today. Being the quite shy family that we are, it took a lot of bravery to join the group for today's festivities...but we did it!

Gracie had a wonderful time at Strasburg UMC's Bible school. It was today from 9am to 1:45pm. Fearing that my daughter would melt down if I left her, I asked if it would be okay for me to stay with her when I called to "sign up' on Wednesday. This worked out well because they needed a parent helper for the 3 to 4 year old class.

Gracie was in a class with 3 others: Allison, Brady & Carson. She was very shy at first and clung to me, but about 30 minutes in to the program she was starting to have a lot of fun and was more willing to jump right in. The crafts were super cute, and the songs were simple and Gracie sang right along with the other kids. There were also stories, videos and lunch.

I am so glad that I got Gracie involved, and I had a neat time watching her blossom. Tomorrow all of the kids will sing their special song for the congregation during the service, and I am crossing my fingers that she will go up there and sing like she did today.

After Bible school all of the kids were invited to a pool party at the town pool. It was very cool today, but Gracie had made some friends and I didn't want to deprive her of the party, so we went. The water in the pool was about as chilly as it was outside! I let Gracie play for about 2 hours and then we wrapped it up. Luckily, Carson from Bible school was in the kiddie pool with Gracie and they had a great time splashing and and playing.

Now, the church picnic was after the pool party, and I hadn't planned on attending. But, I had met so many nice people today, and Gracie was making, I made the last minute decision to go. I ran to the Food Lion and got lots of veggies and dip to take and I drug Garren along. I am glad that I went. I talked with several more people, and had a great conversation with Carson's mom and dad and we are planning on a play date for the kids soon. Gracie spent most of her time playing on the playground with Daddy, but she enjoyed herself.

We didn't stay at the picnic too long, after all it had been a very long day for us.

I am so glad that I got brave. Gracie and I met some wonderful people, and it was a great opportunity for her to be sociable.

Oh, and before I forget; one of the ladies at Bible school is the owner/operator of Grasshopper Green preschool (the preschool inside our church), and she told me there was room for Gracie and her school is 2 days a week 9-11:45. This is just what I was looking for, something a few times a week for a few hours!!!! Plus, they concentrate on socialization and sharing. I am so excited. I was thinking of waiting until next year, but she really wants to go to school and I want her to have every advantage before Kindergarten. They are having a parent orientation next week. I will just have to find away to budget in the $85 a month they charge. So, I guess there is another good reason for us to have gone today. God does answer prayers.

Bible School Pictures

Friday, August 17, 2007

Look What Daddy Taught Me

An empty wrapping paper tube, and a mailing tube make for 20 minutes of fun as Daddy teaches Gracie the art of the "sword fight," much to Mommy's dismay. To make matters worse he now wants to get matching light sabers for them to spar with. Mommy is not happy.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fun Books

I wanted to share two of the cutest books that we checked out from the library this time.

Rabbit Pie by Penny Ives is prefect for small readers. It is a picture book that is simply adorable. I recomend it for any night time routine. For those parents with more than 2 kids, it is a glimpse in to what your life must be like. And for those of us with less than 2, it is a comical reminder about how hectic the night time routine can before any amount of children!

The other book is The Gaggle Sisters River Tour by Chris Jackson. This is a hilarious book about two geese sisters and their travels. One is a prima donna, the other the loyal sister who is taken for granted. I doubt kids will recognize this dynamic--but it is so funny to listen to and to read. The pictures are very pretty as well. Gracie enjoyed it, but it has long paragraphs (but not too long so mommy and daddy don't go crazy!) so this is better for 4+.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Gracie Spins

Gracie is so proud. We were playing Dora Bingo this morning while Emma was down for a nap, and after a few games she decided she wanted to spin the spinner. I let her, and she was so cute being in charge!

More cuteness later this morning as Emma and Gracie paint. Emma was fascinated by the cold gooey stuff. She would stick her finger in the paint and eventually roll it around on the paper. It reminded me off all those times Gracie would finger paint--ahhh, where has the time gone!

Gracie fingerpainting, May 2005 (14 months, just a month older than Emma is now!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just The Two Of Us a few more.

Gracie and I had the surprise pleasure of spending the past two days together--just us. Emma stayed at home Monday and today with her daddy as he recoups from a sprained back.

Over the past 48 hours we have played a multitude of things including; My Little Pony, babies, play dough, and peak-a-blocks. I do miss the one on one time I had with Gracie, and though I have had a wonderful time with both girls, I will be ready to concentrate on Gracie again.

I snapped this picture as Gracie put her babies down tonight for another nap (they sure are fussy babies!). She had already named the one with the pacifier "Baby Kate" after the Arthur series, and the Cabbage Patch doll came with the name Cecelia Rose, but the other two dolls weren't named. I asked her what we should call them. She had multi-vowel, multi-consonant names, so the best I could come up with out of what she said were "Samantha," and "Patsy." Thus...

Gracie Shipley is proud to present her babies:
Baby Kate
Cecelia Rose

Emma's last day with us will be August 30th. We will miss her, but she is ready for day care and this will give her mommy and daddy more time with their little one as well. I am so glad things all worked out. I was there when Kathy and Emma needed me, and now I feel like I helped prepare Emma for the socialization she will need in daycare.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Weekend

We had a pretty good weekend, and I took a couple of pictures I wanted to share.

On Friday, Daddy and Gracie broke into the pineapple we had gotten the day before at Costco. Garren loves fresh pineapple, and now Gracie is pretty crazy about it herself.

Garren had to work this Saturday, but he decided to take us with him. His assignment was to cover the "Route 11 Yard Crawl." This was the first I had heard of it, but apparently it is several years old. It's a yard sale that covers the entire Shenandoah County. I can't imagine why he thought Gracie and I would enjoy it!

I would like to say we came home with a car load of bargains, but that's not the case. For starters, these people wanted way too much for junk. Secondly, there wasn't much that we saw that we really wanted. We found a few things, and for $3.50 I got "Thing 2" (Dr. Seuss small plush) , a vintage Walt Disney World mug (plastic), fabric appliques, 3 kids books, a puzzle, Sara Lynn (Little People), miniature "Shovel" (Blue's Clues), and vintage kids games. So, we did pretty well.

Today we got all dressed up and headed to church to meet and hear the new minister. Gracie looked super adorable in her sailor dress. She was a good girl as usual during the service, and the new minster was very good. Oh, and we even signed up for a tea party that the church ladies are hosting next Sunday, and I need to find out more about the day-long Bible School on Saturday for Gracie. I think this will be a good chance for Gracie to meet other kids.

Hopefully this week will shape up to be a good one. Our best wishes for a great week to all of you too!

Above: Gracie poses with her "friends" while on an imaginary trip in the Costco box train. Below: Gracie enjoys and ice cream treat after lunch while still wearing her sailor dress from church. She didn't wear the hat to church, but she apparently needed to dress for lunch (you'll probably notice the ballet shoes are on her feet too--this is her idea of "formal")

Thank You Day

On this very special of "holidays," Garren, Gracie and I would like to send a "bunch"of thanks to all of you for reading our blog, and for caring so much about us.

Thank You

for hugs*for kisses*for emails*for postcards*for birthday presents*for phone calls*for letters* for pictures*for picnics* for pieces of pie*for books*for trips to the musuem*for walks on the beach*for dinners and lunches out and at home*for new sand in the sandbox*for new bikes*for bubbles*for playing outside*for new clothes*for old clothes*for ballet shoes*for gifts*for Christmas presents and cards*for birthday money* for watching ballet performances* for teaching cheers* for silly songs*for reading stories*for Little People*for coloring*for stickers*for thrift store shopping*for listening*for caring*for loving

Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Reason To Love Costco!

I had the idea to make this train out of the boxes from Costco, and I am so glad I did! The girls have had hours of enjoyment so far.

I hated to use this picture because they don't look very happy--but they are having a great time in their train. And, this was the best picture my camera could take with dying batteries. I will charge them during nap time and hopefully get more pictures and maybe a video or too!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sesame Street Visitor

These pictures came out so well!! Gracie and I saw the coupons in the paper last week that announced Penny's had a 123 Sesame Street background available. I am not usually one for casual pictures (I love to dress her up), but I just had to have this one.

Since Penny's allows you 1 outfit change, I took Gracie in her overalls and red shirt and we borrowed Emma's big Elmo and took a Big Bird I found earlier this week. I also ironed and packed her sailor dress for a more professional picture.

Gracie being her extremely shy self, I was afraid she would again burst in to tears over the whole photo process, so I had her help me pick out her clothes and "practice" last night. By the time she went to bed she was so excited about having her picture taken she wanted to go right then!

I ordered far more pictures than I would have originally, but this photographer got the "real Gracie" to come through. I am so excited, I can't wait to pick them up later this month!

You can click on the picture to make it bigger and see more detail.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Time For School

..It's time for school!

To all of our friends in Tennessee, we hope you have(had) a great first day of school. Our friends here in Virginia have nearly a month before they start classes, but rest easy--you get out in May while they are sweating it out until mid-June!

Best wishes for a great teacher, fun things to do, and ultimate field trips! As for our favorite teachers: Mrs & Mr. GeFellers; we hope you have awesome students and you don't go crazy on the first day! :)

Monday, August 06, 2007

Pretty In Pink

I snapped this picture this morning before Gracie and Daddy headed off to do some errands together. Since Garren has to work this coming Saturday, he is off today. He and Gracie are spending some daddy daughter time together. They are at Wal Mart now getting a few things, and then they plan to take Mommy's car to the car wash. Finishing up the afternoon; planting some more corn. It may not grow, but if it doesn't we are out 50 cents and some hard work.

As far a garden update:

Corn:10, but they are small, and the curnals are barely big enough to eat.
Tomatoes: 5 (1 large, 1 med, 3 small)
Squash: 15-20
Cucumber: 3
Watermelon: 2 growing!
Strawberries: 5
Jalepeno Peppers: 25
Bell Peppers:
Potatoes: 9 tiny, tiny ones
Carrots: 5 itty bitty ones

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Splish Splashing

Afternoon at the Woodstock Pool. This was a very neat pool--Gracie loved it!


Quiz: What Type of Mother Are You?

You're an Encouraging Mom!

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You can take this quiz here.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Watermelon Day

I just know you LOVE all of these weird holidays I find. Today's is a real peach...well actually more like a real "melon." :)

It's the official Watermelon Day, and the girls and I decided what a better way to celebrate than a watermelon picnic!

After their naps (Gracie's version of a pretend nap), I lead them to the balcony where I had two plates of watermelon set up at the patio table.

Gracie thought this was very neat and went through 2 slices of watermelon. Emma liked the part about being outside and ever since she keeps going to the glass door and pointing outside.

Emma had tasted, and loved watermelon at my house on Tuesday; so I knew she would like the cold treat--especially on her incoming chompers.

We didn't stay long at our mini picnic as it is unbearably hot out there. I did of course snap several pictures.

So, Happy Watermelon Day to you all. Go and get one for dinner tonight!

Watermelon Stories:

Watermelon Day by Kathi Appelt
Watermelon Wishes by Lisa Moser and Stacey Schuett
One Cool Watermelon by Hannah Tofts and Rupert Horrox
Berenstain Bears and the Missing Watermelon Money by Stan Berenstain and Jan Berenstain
One Watermelon Seed by Celia Barker Lottridge Karen Patkau
Down By the Bay (Raffi Songs to Read) by Raffi

Watermelon Bookmarks With Watermelon Song

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stacking And Labeling

Its been a busy day here at Shipley Central. While I still try to piece together an organizational miracle, the girls have moved on to stacking and labeling.

I know that other mothers out there likely feel as I do: 1. the house is never completely clean, 2. when you put things away and try to get everything done it is like taking one step forward and two steps back!

I have worked so hard this week trying to catch up on laundry, clean up piles that seem to have come out of no where and are multiplying, re-organize and try and get ride of the clutter. This is no easy task, especially with 2 kids running around getting in to everything I just did.

I decided to take a break today. After sorting through a storage box of workbooks and flash cards, and other home educational tools; I came across these post-it notes made for teachers where you can write and use sight words. I decided to write down some simple objects and I let Gracie post them around her room. You may remember that I tried this once before, but she was too little and she kept tearing them up. I think this time it might just work. My plan is to add a few more words each week.

After Gracie and I labeled her room, Emma helped me stack and sort. I was so excited that she was able to stack blocks. Believe it or not this is actually a skill for babies/toddlers. She didn't exactly get them stacked neatly, but she did it. A couple of times they fell over, but she thought that was fun too. I had to snap a picture of her attempts.

Now that the girls are organized I better step up my efforts! There is far too much under the beds, and you don't want to even look at the linen closet (that I just re-organized not 2 weeks ago!!)