Tuesday, September 25, 2007

All About Fall

Gracie looked super adorable in this fall colored smocked dress that Grandma finished for her. My autumn hair bow polished the look off. So, she was perfect for the fall lesson plan her preschool had in store.

Today the class went for a walk to look at the leaves, then they painted one of their own (red). We had to leave that behind today because it was wet.

Gracie said they read a story about Max & Maggie who raked the leaves. Snack was cheesy cracker circles, and she came home with a coloring page she had done during free time.

She got a smiley face on her thumb again today, but she also got a scrape. Like I said, today was all about fall! Ms. Stephanie said she tripped down the stairs after their walk. I had to sign a very involved form where they listed everything about the "incident." Apparently it didn't bleed and she didn't cry. I chuckled a little to myself when they told me. Gracie is the biggest klutz. Her feet can never keep up with her mind!

This was the second sheet I got today. This morning when I dropped her off there were papers waiting for us parents. Apparently one of the kids had chicken pox at school on Thursday, and were given an "exposure form." Gracie, luckily, has had the chicken pox vaccine, but I called the pediatrician anyway to make sure she would be covered. The nurse there told me that even with the vaccine she could get a few pox and run a mild fever. Good to know. The paper says the incubation period is 2-3 weeks. Hopefully she won't get anything at all!


Candice said...

I love your dress, Gracie!

Grandma said...

Gracie, you are not a "klutz". I have the same problem: my body won't keep up with my mind. Just keep going, and don't worry about it. Your mind will always get to do more than your body, but it is a lot of fun trying to do everything! Love you!