Saturday, September 22, 2007

Church Yard Party

How adorable was this! Our church really knows how to put on a party.

When I told Gracie that we were going to a church party, she asked "are they going to have cake!" Not wanting to crush her spirits I pulled out my catchall "I don't know, we will have to find out." Well wouldn't you know it; Gracie won the cake walk!

The yard party was a carnival theme and it had the cutest games manned by volunteers from the church. Each game was 1 ticket, and each ticket was .25. Since the money went to the church, I opted for the $5 bag of 25 tickets figuring we would give the rest to another child. As you can imagine, we really didn't get a chance to give any away.

Gracie had the best time playing the games. She won so many prizes the canvas bag I had taken to hold my camera and wallet and her juice filled up very quickly. Her favorite game was the duck walk. She picked a duck and it had a number on the bottom to tell you which prize you got. She also played ring toss, fishing, color wheel, lollipop tree, and of course the cake walk. She also got a bag of popcorn and a slew of prizes.

I hated that we stayed only until we ran out of tickets, but it was so unbearably hot and Gracie's cheeks were very flush. We went inside at one point to check out the items up for silent auction, but she got bored quickly and wanted to play more games.

The yard party was super cute, and I hope they have much success. They are supposed to have music later in the evening and the silent auction wraps up at 8:30. We will stick around here though and cool off and rest, because tomorrow we have a super surprise for her--we are going to Hershey Park!

More pictures from the yard party are in the Fall 2007 Picasa folder.

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