Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fun With Mallory

It may have been our 7th wedding anniversary, but it was Gracie who had all of the fun.

As usual we didn't do anything for our anniversary, but Garren did cook chicken-on-a-stick, so we invited Colette and Mallory to have dinner with us. (Tom was working super late). After all, they had fixed dinner for us last night (taco salad).

Gracie enjoyed the few bites of dinner she decided to eat, and then she waited not very patiently at all, to play with Mallory.

Mallory is such a trooper. They played games and cards, and when Gracie's energy was at its fullest, she thought up new active games to play with a very willing Gracie.

Those two are super cute together, and we owe Mallory a great deal of thanks for putting up with her. ;)

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