Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ready To Learn

These pictures are mainly for the Grandparents, plus I like to blog about her days at preschool to create a journal of sorts.

She was raring to go this morning when I dropped her off, despite the fact that she coughed all night last night. Garren and I have had very little sleep, but she was chipper. It must have been since she spent the last 3 hours in our bed!

Gracie made a craft today in school; a tambourine. She was more than happy to show it off and demonstrate how it worked.

As for other details, she was close-mouthed. It was Brady's birthday today so they had cookies for snack. I overheard Ms. Christine tell another parent that they went outside today, but that's all I know about that. She said they sang the friend song again and the story was something about rain.

I am guessing since it's the end of the month, they sent home Gracie's other crafts including the leaf she painted on Tuesday, and the Grasshopper she made at the beginning of the month (that was displayed in the window).

Not that any of you are shocked, but school work doesn't end in class. Gracie and I continue to work on letters, letter sounds, numbers, counting and more here at home. Today we did the sounds of letters F-L along with associating upper case letters (A-G) with their lower case counterparts. We also did plenty of counting and early math. She is really getting good. She also did cutting and pasting for the first time and I was so proud of how well she did on her own. She uses her scissors a lot, but this time she had to cut on lines.

My little genius! :)

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