Saturday, September 15, 2007

Too Pretty To Go Home!

Wouldn't you know it--our last day at the beach is sunny and warm! We had fun things planned of course, but I hated to leave such a beautiful place.

After we checked out of the hotel, we took a final walk along the boardwalk, and I grabbed pictures at some more "pretty" spots with Gracie. Her cold seems to be under control, though you can tell how tired and rundown she feels. She did sleep very well last night, so I was optimistic about the Aquarium trip.

My friend Sara met us at the Aquarium around 10:45. I had picked today because they were having a special even "Dolphin Days." This turned out to be just perfect for Gracie. They had games and activities geared for the younger crowd.

Gracie made a necklace and a hat, she did ring toss, and dolphin toss before we stopped to see an adorable puppet show. There were so many cute things this morning. She got a Nemo mask from the group from Radio Disney and a lollipop from the Boy Scouts. They had face painting, but I steer clear of that because of her skin breakouts.

Gracie had so much fun with the activities she didn't want to go to the next building. We were able to pull her along so we could see the Sea Turtles. They are always my favorite. The second building is where all of the big tanks are full of fish and sharks and other such things.

We spent about 2 hours or more exploring the Aquarium and had a wonderful time. Then, we were off to The Purple Cow. Grandma and Gracie and I discovered this adorable restaurant the last time we visited Virginia Beach, and I was thrilled to return. Sara's husband Dean met the four of us for lunch, and then it was time to hit the road.

I hate that our vacation is over, but we had a wonderful time together as a family. I think we will definitely make this a yearly Shipley vacation.

Over the next few days I will slowly, but surely add beach pictures to this folder. Enjoy!

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