Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bunny Day

Well, it wasn't exactly called bunny day...but there was clearly a theme. For movement they did the bunny hop, and they made a bunny with colored tissue paper for a craft, and then of course a bunny song is one of this months songs as well.

Gracie looked darling in this pink gingham dress fit for spring...and preschool bunny days. Grandma actually found this one at a consignment shop.

Gracie seemed fine at school today, but she did pause as I gave her hugs this morning and said "we forgot snack." Her face fell, and I tried not to over react. I reminded her that we had the snack she had picked out (she had picked out a special snack from Walmart for today to thank her friends for making her feel better. They were adorable bug shaped graham crackers.) She told me she meant a snack just for her. I told her she could have a snack when she got home. I have no idea what that was all about. I think she got nervous again at school, and used the snack excuse again.

She had a good day though. She came home with a smiley thumb and chatted all about her craft and sharing the snack she brought in.

So, I am guessing she is doing okay; but I am still watching!

PS: More great pictures from today on my PhotoBlog!

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