Sunday, March 30, 2008

Daddy Sings

What a morning for Daddy. We actually got to church on time, and he gets asked to join the men's least for the day.

Ms. Ruth came to our pew and told Garren that the men were singing this morning and asked if he would join. I was holding my smirk back figuring that he would decline, so you can imagine my surprise when he agreed!

Daddy walked to the back of the church and lined up with the other men.

I did notice that there we a few other guys that I don't think were in the choir either.

Gracie and I sat together and watched Daddy sing, and he remained in the choir loft for the rest of the service. And it must have been fate that the camera was still in Gracie's backpack from our day out yesterday, so I got a video!!!

2 stars to Garren for going against his shyness, and singing. For those of you who may not know, Garren has a beautiful voice and received a lot of recognition for that in high school and college.

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candice said...

Yeah for Daddy, Gracie! He was very brave. I get to opt of singing by playing the piano at church!