Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Day Continues....

The picture above clearly captures the mood of the day. Gracie has had a very exciting, very fulfilling 4th birthday.

She took and excellent nap, and true to my promise (and despite daddy's hunger) I let her try out her new pony computer game. She loved it. After a few minutes of creating quite the pony masterpieces, Daddy convinced her to get ready to go out for birthday dinner. We headed to the Olive Garden and had a wonderful meal. This is the restaurant she choose by the way. We gave her several options, and she LOVES buh-sketti, so this is what she wanted. She ate so well, but true to Gracie form, she was ready for her ice cream. Garren and I chuckled, and then took her to the Cold Stone Creamery in the same shopping center. We ordered her a very small one, and still had to bring home the remainder--but she loved it.

When we got home it was late, but I had set out her presents from mommy and daddy on the kitchen table when Daddy took her to the car for dinner. She was very excited to see the pile of pony wrapped gifts on the table. She tore through them all, but I caught the best expression when she opened her My Little Pony card. It was one of those musical cards, and Pinkie Pie tells her Happy Birthday when she opens it. The look on her face was priceless!

Again I promised her she could play another round on her computer game, and I did. But, she didn't get long since it was already 8:40! She will have plenty more time to play the game and play with her new ponies and floor sized MLP coloring book tomorrow.

She has had such a wonderful day, and now she is warm in her footey jammies and hopefully she will be asleep soon. She has another sugar filled day tomorrow!

You can find all things birthday in this Picasa folder.


Candice said...

Gracie, it sounds like you've had a wonderful birthday. I'm so glad you like your computer game. It looked like lots of fun to me! It will be nice to play on rainy days. Have fun at your party at school tomorrow.

Grandma said...

Gracie, I'm glad you had a fantastic birthday. The great part is: it's not over yet! I know you are going to enjoy your party at school today. Then, on Saturday we will "party" again! I can hardly wait. I am so excited Grandpa and I will be able to enjoy your birthday with you. See you Saturday! - oooh, this is going to be so much fun! :)