Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

What a great and windy afternoon Gracie and I had in Strasburg park!

This afternoon was our church's annual kite flying day, and it was too pretty outside to miss it. After we changed out of our church clothes, we got on some warmer play clothes, put together her My Little Pony kite and headed outdoors.

Now, while the sunny was warm and friendly, his friend "Wind" was not so welcoming. It was an interesting afternoon as the wind was very cold, but so strong that it helped the kites go extremely high up and stay up.

There were about 20 or more families who came out and flew kites. The flying apparatuses ranged from ones like Gracie's Dollar Store special to these elaborate contraptions.

Gracie loved watching Cheerilee float higher and higher up in the sky, and she guided her quite a bit. But, with all of the other colors and fun going on she was just as interested in watching everyone else.

We stayed an hour and a half, but I was really concerned about her cold fingers, cheeks and nose, I packed us up. As you can imagine Gracie was no longer a happy tot--she cried the whole way home. But, the kite flying and crying episode left her so tired that I was able to cuddle her to sleep in about 2 minutes.

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Katie said...

That looks like so much fun!!! Maybe I will try to fly a kite this weekend. :)