Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Little Trim

Well it may have seemed like a little trim to me, but it was a life or death situation for Gracie. That's how it seemed anyway.

Just like the last time I gave her a trim (nearly a year ago), she screamed and cried, only this time she told me why she was worried. She kept saying "it's gonna hurt!" This poor child was in tears and had been afraid since we mentioned trimming her hair last week--that she was going to lose a body part or something. I tried to convince her that it wouldn't hurt and that mommy would NEVER do anything to hurt Gracie. It seemed to help when i cut a snipit of my hair off, but it wasn't until I took the first clip of hers that she was okay. She had been sobbing and after I snipped the scissors, she began to giggle. I reminded her that I told her it wouldn't hurt, and then we talked about how silly she was.

I was able to take off about 2 inches. Her hair was long and I loved it, but hair bushings were getting worse and the tangles we taking over. Plus, everything gets in her hair from cereal in the morning to paint to dinner at night.

After I had finished and was brushing and fluffing, she really got in to it. She showed me places to cut more. I snipped a little bit to humor her, but then she wanted me to cut it really short (almost a bob!!) and I of course begged off!!

So, another trama down the drain. And, her hair looks cute to boot!


Candice said...

Cute Gracie! Barbara, so help me, if you EVER in this lifetime cut that child's hair off in a bob...I will never speak to you again. I lived most of my life as a pitiful looking "bowlhead" and was tormented by kids at school for it. I always want to cry when I see that poor little girl with that terrible looking bowl cut!

Gracie's Mommy said...

No bob...and no bangs!! I had bangs and I will not do that to my adorable daughter. And, like you could stop talking to would miss me! :)