Friday, March 21, 2008

Making Time

It is just me, or does life seem to be in fast forward??!!! As soon as Christmas over, then we headed in to a new year, and birthdays, and more holidays....and now March isn't even over and here comes Easter; ready or not.

I have really gotten behind in my blogging, but things are well on our end of things. After I finish this little computer break, I will go back to packing for our weekend in Lynchburg. We will leave when Daddy gets home from work.

I have so many things I want to blog about. Gracie continues to grow and flourish, but I have more parenting issues on my mind these days, and I need to get them off of my mind and down on "paper."

But, while life is kind of crazy lately--we will always make time for friends! Colette and Mallory came over today for lunch and egg painting and just an afternoon of girl talk and laughs and wonderful time together!

A safe and Happy Easter to all of you. Hopefully, I can blog while in Lynchburg and I can share plenty of fun Easter pictures.

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