Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Perfect In Green

Okay, I loved this velvet jumper when I found it--but doesn't it look so good on her. Well, I love that color, it makes her kind of sparkle!

Gracie actually had a very green day today. Besides her jumper and the hairbow I made with shamrocks, Gracie mixed blue and yellow to make green window decorations. They also sang a song about finding shamrocks. This time it was all coincidence. I didn't get the March calendar until today--but there are several cute days perfect for coordination like her Easter party, carrot day, and bunny hop day. It brings out the creative in me!! :)

Ms. Stephanie made Gracie's day today by remembering that her birthday is tomorrow. She told us she could wait until Thursday for her school celebration. I am so lucky that she has teachers that are so enthusiastic and care so much. Gracie decided she wanted to be surprised as to what treat I am taking on Thursday--so my lips are sealed. Since she can't read yet I will tell all of you that I plan to bring in those little ice cream cups along with chocolate syrup, sprinkles, whip cream, and cherries. Plenty of goodies for each child to make their own sundaes!! You know me, I like to think outside of the box.

Today is so nice. Well, not as nice as yesterday as the clouds are out and it looks like it will pour at any moment. But, it is warm and breezy. I am so ready for spring! Yesterday we went out and did sidewalk chalk and bubbles and such, but today we are having to make do with enjoying the breezes with the screen door open.

The picture on the right she brought home from school today. She told me it was mommy and daddy standing on her pony birthday cake. Can you tell she is excited about her big day! She knows I will be making her a pony cake for Saturday.

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