Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rainbow Day

The theme at preschool today was rainbows. They made the cutest pictures and glued froot loops to make the colors of the rainbow. The project stayed at school to dry, but I will have to snap a picture when it comes home.

Ms. Stephanie pulled me aside as I was leaving and raved over Gracie playing with Tinsa today. She said that they played well and happily for quite a while, she even heard Gracie call her by name. This is actually a big step, as playing is difficult, and communicating with other kids even more of a challenge for my shy girl.

Snack was froot loops, and they got to play with the parachute which all of the kids adore. The story today was about a whale in a bathtub.

I haven't gotten next month's calendar, but I am excited to see what else is in store for spring!

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Candice said...

I like your pretty dress and hat Gracie!