Thursday, March 06, 2008

School Birthday Fun

Gracie felt very special today as she celebrated her birthday with her school friends.

When I dropped her off this morning in her yellow birthday dress and birthday bow Ms. Stephanie told her Happy Birthday, and several other moms made a fuss over her. I gave her kisses and reminded her I would be back with a birthday surprise.

When I got back to the school, the kids were waiting for me and were very excited. They had no idea what I had brought but they knew it was Gracie's birthday and I would have a treat. I couldn't help but snicker as the kids crowded around me and made "mmmmm" sounds. It could have been dirt for all they knew.

The kids took turns washing up, and then I helped set out the ice cream cups as they listened to a story. Gracie got a candle in her ice cream cup and they even lit it for her and the whole class sang the Happy Birthday song. This was a surprise to me, but apparently each kid gets this treatment. She also had a special name tag on and got to wear a birthday crown. I was so happy. As you can tell from above, I couldn't get the camera to go as fast as I wanted, but I still got some of the song and her blowing out her candle.

The other kids were thrilled that they got ice cream. Then when we came around with so many toppings--it made things even better. Believe it or not there were 2 kids who insisted on plain ice cream, and one kid who didn't want ice cream at all!! I was shocked. Of course each one was different. Some wanted all the toppings from chocolate chips, nuts, whip cream, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and a cherry (like Gracie); and some wanted just a few. While Gracie finished off every bite, most of the kids threw theirs away after they ate the toppings off. The teachers were adamant that they only got one round of toppings, otherwise they would be going the whole snack time.

When I went back later and picked her up, Gracie told me that she had a great birthday at school. I was so happy. Then she told me thank you for bringing the ice cream. She is such a doll!

Besides the ice cream, I did give each kid a small bottle of bubbles with a note saying "Thank You For Sharing My Special Day! Gracie" I found these in 6 packs at Walmart, and thought they would be a nice thing to share, especially since Gracie isn't have a party with friends this year. Many of the kids told Gracie thank you for the bubbles, and had them open and blowing by the time they got outside. So, I would consider today a success!

I have put the pictures from her school party in the birthday folder. And, I will add more from her pony party (just family) on Saturday.

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Grandma said...

Gracie, I am so glad you and all of your school friends had such a fun time celebrating your birthday. It was very nice of you to let them celebrate with you. I think they loved the ice cream sundaes and the bubbles. Of course you were very beautiful in your birthday dress and crown. I can hardly wait to celebrate with you on Saturday. See you soon.