Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I left my Gracie at preschool--crying! This is the first time I have ever dropped her off and she didn't want me to go. I can not describe how painful it was to pry her off of me and let Ms. Christine pick her up and carry her away sobbing.

We had a very bad day yesterday, but she seemed fine this morning. Well, except she didn't want to wear her pretty red dress coat. But, that didn't seem like the end of the world. We were a few minutes late by the time we got there. I took off her coat and her teachers raved over her carrot dress and bow. I hung things up and gave her a big hug. That's when I realized she wasn't letting go. I walked her over to where the kids were playing--no luck. I gave her more kisses and talked about how fun carrot painting would be today--still gripping. I didn't know what else to do. I told her I had to go, and Ms. Christine actually had to pry her off of me.

It has been a long morning, and I can barely wait to pick her up. I have been to the gym and even stopped at the thrift store to take up some time. The minutes seem to be ticking by at a very slow pace.

I am sure she is fine, and we will snuggle and talk about it when she gets home. I do so worry about her. Not because of this one incident--but she is so painfully nervous and shy all the time. She clings to me for comfort and safety. I hate to see her so uncomfortable and sad.

45 more minutes until I can go and scoop her up.

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