Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What A Day!!!

As you can see my birthday girl is taking a rest from all of today's fun activities.

Gracie is having a great 4th birthday, and is in a wonderful mood. I was worried since she was so cranky yesterday, hasn't had a nap or slept well in a week, and she got up at 7:50 this morning. But, so far so good.

Gracie got her usual cuddle in the mommy and daddy bed this morning, and then daddy made her blueberry muffins for breakfast. This is her favorite, and usually saved for Saturday's. But today, as you know, is a special day. We even stuck a candle in one of the blueberry muffins and sang. She thought this was great.

I had to get our usual bi-monthly grocery shopping done, and I didn't want to spend all of Gracie's birthday in Walmart, so I headed out early and left Gracie and Daddy to play.

When I got back, I brought her some pretty pink tulips. She was so thrilled, you could tell it made her feel super special.

After quickly putting the groceries away, we let her open one of her gifts from us before Daddy had to leave for work. She got a View Master Projector. We spent much of the day playing movie theater with it and going through her massive collection of reels. We took a break though at noon when Mallory and Colette came over for lunch. We had chicken nugget salads, and the fruit and veggie trays I picked up this morning. And, then of course came more presents. The Mozingo's gave her the prettiest white lace shirt and headband. She loved it so much, she had to try it on.

After they left, we played some more, and then I let her open Mamaw and Papaw's gift and Candice's. Mamaw and Papaw gave her the nicest collection on hardback books and CD's to go along with it. She loved pulling book after book out of the bag. When it came to Candice's gift, I realized I should have turned the camera to video. So, I did--and she was thrilled to see the My Little Pony card and computer game.

We have so much more fun in the works for this evening. Right now she is getting good sleep to power up for her birthday evening. She picked Olive Garden for her birthday dinner, and if there is time (and energy) we want to take her to Fun Expedition. All this and the preschool party tomorrow and her pony party Saturday. What more could a four year old ask for?! ;)

Oh, and we let Gracie open the cards she got in the mail as well. She squealed at her Disney princess card from Mamaw and Papaw, and even made me scan it in on the computer. When she opened Katie and Matt's card and found the My Little Pony stickers she actually started jumping up and down! She had me open them immediately and she started to work on some creation. Thank you so much to all of you who have remembered her. And, we read the emails to her and let her see the e-cards as well. She is a very lucky little girl.

PS: Daddy dressed her today, she has a very pretty birthday dress for tonight. And for those of you who doubted: proof that she owns a pair of pants ;)

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Candice said...

We hope you like your My Little Pony computer game. Have fun playing it!