Thursday, April 10, 2008

Better Day

Gracie had a much less mommy-worrying day at school today. In fact, her teacher put most of my worries at bay when she told me that most of the kids in Gracie's class are going through the same things.

That's when Johanna's mom pipes up that she is experiencing the "crying over everything" phase in her house. She too look exasperated. While, I know how bad it is, I was relieved that another mom was dealing with it to. I really was concerned. And I stay vigilant as her moods continue to swing.

As for school. Today they learned about caterpillars turning in to butterflies. That of course, gave me a great idea, and I made a dress to go along with the theme. Well, mom made the dress, I just had the idea for the appliqu├ęs.

Gracie said they celebrated Morgan's birthday, so she had chocolate cupcakes. They sang a song about caterpillars, and made the cutest ones out of pom poms. They were left to dry.

Another good day at school for Gracie. It looks like we might make it through this week after all.


Grandma said...

Gracie, your dress turned out adorable! I love the "picture-story" of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Mommy did a great job - with a very good idea. Also, I heard many times when Mommy and Uncle Brian were little: "this too shall pass". Hang in there Mommy!

Amy said...

ah... tis the age... it pops up again right after they starrt kindergarden.... They grow out of it, though it is hard when they are in it. hang on!