Sunday, April 13, 2008

Conversations About Daddy

From this weekend while he was in TN.

Gracie "Daddy is really tall. He can climb trees and swing from branch to branch now that he is a big boy. Yeah."


Gracie: "I miss Daddy. Do you think he is having fun in Tennessee?"

Mommy: "I think he is having lots of fun with Uncle Luke."


Daddy: (Loud Burp)

Gracie: "Ewww!"

Mommy: "Daddy's definately home! We haven't heard that for several days"

Gracie: "Daddy did you burp at Mamaw and Papaw's house?"

Daddy: "Yea....(then he tells about his and Uncle Luke's gastric prowess)


Candice said...

Well, the first comment from Gracie makes it sound like her father is a big monkey! I would love to see him do that tree climbing! I'm glad to hear that he made it home safely.

uncle Luke said...

Thanks for sharing daddy with us for a little while. He and I had lots of fun, even if we didn't climb or swing on any trees. I hope I can come and see you soon, that way you, me, mommy, and daddy can all have fun together.

I'm sorry that you had to hear stories of my gastric prowess. What can I say? It's a blessing and a curse ;-)