Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lord Help Me, We Got A Wii

We are now owners of one of the most popular, and most expensive game systems around. But, Daddy and Gracie are thrilled. I will be honest, I doubt I will be knocking them over to use it--but it doesn't bother me too much. Gracie got a Princess game, and Garren is embarrassing himself on that guitar game he wanted so badly. (I will so have to sneak a video!!!)

This system of course is coming from our "Bush Money." Now, I didn't get a toy, but I am getting to redecorate the bathroom. I know that doesn't sound super thrilling--but I was so tired of the old one. Plus, I am getting the dental work done.

Also on the list Kings Dominion season passes and new cell phone batteries.

Please don't feel like you have to defend me on this. I don't need expensive toys to make me happy. I will have my garden this summer, and you should see me flower deck garden. I just enjoy the small things. Plus, Gracie and I are going to Candice's for a week in June, and then we have an opportunity to spend a week at Sara & Dean's near Virginia Beach also for a week. So, we have plenty of fun things to be excited about.

In the meantime, Gracie and Daddy are having lots of fun with their new toy. And, I am glad they are happy.


Candice said...

Okay, forget the video of Garren playing the guitar game. I want to see him play the princess game with Gracie!!! I suppose we'll just hold on to our "Bush money" and take it to the grave with us. Nah, actually we plan to concrete that huge area between the retaining walls. Hopefully we'll have that done before you all get here because it'll be a great place for Gracie to play!

mattwaters7 said...
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mattwaters7 said...

My brother has a Wii, and both of his daughters -- ages 11 and 5 -- can beat him on nearly every game they play together. He stays up late at night to practice, and still either of them can whip him effortlessly.