Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Neat Sneak Peak

I was off to the post office to mail some packages before I picked Gracie up, and as luck would have it--they were outside playing parachute!! So, I pulled in the parking lot and snapped a picture. I wanted to take more, but I didn't want to scare anyone being the crazy lady taking pictures of kids.

I couldn't see Gracie since she was so far away, but when I got home and edited the picture, I can see that she was under the parachute. Unfortunately, her face is covered by another little girl. Gracie is wearing navy blue. But, it was neat to get to watch for a few seconds anyway.

She told me they had fun outside playing. They also played with yellow Playdough. She told me she tried to make a ball bowl, but couldn't. Then she said she made coins.

Snack was goldfish crackers. She played with Joanna again. She told me they were building something with the wooden blocks. Oh, and today she came home with a picture she drew of daddy. Now that we have a matching set, I have to frame them or something. They would look cute hanging in our bedroom.

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