Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Springy Day At School

The sun is out (was out), and the air is quite warm today. Despite the clouds and ferocious wind, it is a wonderfully Spring day.

Gracie wore a very colorful dress to school today where they made window decorations of flowers. I also snapped a picture of Gracie's plant that is now sprouting in the classroom window.

She brought home her froot loop rainbow from last week, and several coloring pages, and of course the crutial smiley thumb. She told me she was Snow White today and her friend Regan was a dog. I chuckled at this and asked "You asked Regan to be the dog?" "Yep" "Did she pretend to be a dog for you?" "Yep!" I guess she had a fun day.

Ms. Christine also told me she talked about singing the Rainbow Song. I knew what she was talking about as we were discussing songs on the car ride to school. Gracie told me she wanted to sing the song from My Little Pony Runaway Rainbow when I picked her up. Apparently she told her teachers this. They said she told them she would sing it with me. Ms. Christine tried to get her to sing it once I arrived, but bashful Gracie told her "maybe in the car." This may not seem like a big deal, but the fact that she is sharing and talking to teachers and friends about things in her life is a great socialization skill--and I am thrilled!!

Since it was Maddie's birthday snack today was cookies. They sang some springtime songs and read a book about a mouse.

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