Thursday, April 17, 2008

We Are Here, And I Know I Am In Trouble!

We are in Lynchburg and the sugar and spoiling extravaganza has begun. I will try and stay loyal to my blog. I know I am already in hot water with some of you. Candice left me a message today on the phone afraid I had fallen off the face of the earth (I'll call or at least email you tomorrow), my mother reminds me I haven't blogged since Monday even though I am sitting at her computer and have told her about the week, Garren politely reminded me to add pictures when we called for "goodnight's" tonight, and I am sure Cheryl has "refreshed" this page a hundred times already (she is just too nice not to make me feel guilty for not blogging :)

It has just been a crazy week, and then getting ready for grandma's...I just haven't had as much down time. And then my migraines came back! I seem to have them back in check though. So, bear with me. I need to add more pictures to my Photoblog too. It is getting late tonight, so that will be my task for tomorrow. And, I don't have many pictures on my camera still.

Tomorrow we have a big day planned. We are going to Amazement Square, the children's museum here, and then of course Mariah will be here after school. So, busy day and plenty of Kodak moments to capture.

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Candice said...

I'm just glad to know that you are still kicking!