Sunday, May 04, 2008

Circus Fun

We caught the last performance of the circus this afternoon in Winchester. Actually, I planned it that way. With so much going on with Apple Blossom, I thought things would be a little less hectic today.

We had a wonderful time, and brought some friends with us. Kathy wanted to take Emma to her first circus, and so they went with us.

As much fun as I had, I had the most fun watching my cincical husband light up like a six year old boy. I captured several pictures to this effect, but this one is the best. I know Gracie was having a great time, but Garren just may have had more fun.

You see, Garren hates the circus. He has been dreading it since I wrote in on the calendar a month ago. He brooded all weekend and even tried to get out of going a few times. He didn't get to go as a child, and thought that the circus was reserved for rich people. He told me he always wanted to ride the elephants, but was told it was too much money. I told him he could ride if he wanted to--but you know Garren, he stiffened his lip and declined.

But once we got inside that tent and all of the fun got going, it was like he was getting a chance to be a little boy again. Between acts and I couldn't help watch him and Gracie for awhile. Those are the kinds of moments that you can never plan for, and you can never truly describe.

When it was all over, I asked Gracie what her favorite part was, and she said "the high wire princesses!" I have to admit that was one of my favorites too. I was thrilled to go to the circus, and I was beaming the entire time. Partly from the cool performances, party from watching my happy family for two hours. Either way my cheeks hurt when we left.

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