Tuesday, May 13, 2008

End Of A Streak

We made it over four years without having to take Gracie to the doctor. Well, except wellness visits of course.

Gracie has always been a super healthy child, and Garren and I are parents who don't believe in running your child to the doctor for every sniff and sneeze.

She has had her fair share of colds, but nothing worse (knock on wood). No broken bones, no bad infections or diseases.

But, today her cough was so bad I was really concerned. Poor Gracie has bad allergies like her daddy, and I thought it was just a lot of drainage. Turns out I was right--but the seal-like cough was too much and I didn't want to chance it.

Gracie could barely go a few minutes without coughing so hard she choked, and last night it made her vomit. So, around 6pm, I took her to the Urgent Care. (I knew by the time I got to the pediatrician and they had to stay after hours, it would be a long night and an expensive bill) We were so lucky that there was no line and a wonderful nurse to help us through everything.

Gracie of course was a basket case and had to be held down just so the nurse could look in her throat. She didn't have a temperature, but her throat was super red. We did a Strep test and that came back negative. The best diagnosis: allergies and drainage. This is a super bad year for allergies, and Gracie just body just can't keep up.

The nurse gave me a prescription cough syrup and we are hoping it will do some good.

Gracie is fine, and I appreciate the emails and e-cards. There is no reason she shouldn't be able to go to school on Thursday.

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