Thursday, May 22, 2008

The People In Your Neighborhood

"Oh, these are the people in your neighborhood, your your neigh-bor-hoooood!"

This song has been stuck in my head all day long as Gracie I talked about jobs and what people do at work.

It all kind of started innocently as we took Daddy some lunch at his office today. Then, we went for a walk around town. We talked about what Daddy did at work (writes stories for the newspaper), and what mommy's job is (taking care of Gracie). Then, we saw a lot of cars in the parking lot and she said they were all at work. As we walked along King Street we talked about different places and what people inside were doing as their jobs. We passed a restaurant, a library, the fire station. We went inside the post office, and we saw a police car pass us with the lights on. So, I had plenty of opportunity to talk about lots of jobs and community helpers. All of this seemed to stick with her and she was very interested. Between businesses we talked about what jobs people in our family have, and she was fascinated.

When our walk was finished I asked her what job seemed like something she might want to do when she grew up. She said "I want to be a princess."

After her nap, I decided to continue the lesson, and I made a worksheet and we reviewed all of the jobs we saw today, and a few others.

You might be interested to see our worksheet--you might be on it. After a while, I kind of blanked on other people and what they do. So, if you can write us a note about what you do (in preschool terms) and we will add some more occupations to our list! Thanks!

PS: If something is in quotes, those are her exact words to describe what that person does.


Candice said...

Gracie, did you know that Elliott's mom is a mail carrier? I'm sure you will see her and play with her next week. I think you will make a beautiful princess, but you might want to go for being a doctor or nurse. I think you'll make more money that way!

mattwaters7 said...

Matt is a TV commercial producer. He makes TV commercials, although not for My Little Pony.

Katie is a radio sales assistant. She keeps up with paperwork for commercials you hear on the radio.

Trixie Lulu is a sweet little dog. She sleeps, eats and plays with her toys all day long. And she sleeps in the big person bed at night!

Grandma said...

Hey, you forgot me! My job is to play, have fun, and spoil Gracie and Mariah! I think you would be a great princess. Just make sure your prince has lots and lots of money and you can do whatever you want.