Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Realative Wrap Up

Mamaw and Papaw are on their way to Aunt Heather's in Illinois this morning. We said our goodbyes last night. We may get to see them one more time at the end of next week when we go and stay with Candice and Elliott for a week.

We had a good, but exhausting visit with them. We took them on a tour of Stasburg (that took about 5 minutes), Garren showed them where he worked and gave them a tour of the paper's office, they went to church and saw the wonderful people there. Then there was the Newtown Festival in Stephen's City when they had Gracie all to themselves for a few hours. And she got way too much sugar. We played Wii, we played ponies, we went to DC, we went antique shopping and to Costco, and had some very yummy meals and deserts. And then we upped Family Movie Night to Tuesday and watched Dumbo and had popcorn.

Before they left we took time to make some special hello's for Aunt Heather, Uncle Kenny, DJ, Ryan & Casey.

We hope they had a wonderful time, and will get some much needed rest. I didn't realize how busy our lives could be if you crammed everything in four days! :)

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