Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sugar High

Gracie could hardly wait until 4:00 to go to her first cake decorating class!

She helped make the cake this morning (lemon). She mixed and poured, and licked the spoon. Then she waited for it to cool. She watched mommy ice the cake, and licked the knife. And just when the cake looked super yummy, she realized she would have to wait several more hours to decorate it, and even longer to taste it!

It was a long wait, but it was well worth it.

Gracie was one of 3 kids at the decorating class taught by the sweetest lady, known as Ms. Kitty.

Today's theme was May Flowers and she showed Gracie how to make grass, stems, leaves, flowers, and flower centers.

These cakes came out super cute, and I was so proud of Gracie for learning so quickly. She made many of the flowers on her cake all by herself. I helped a little, but then let her take the icing bag and have at it!

After we finished a field full of flowers, we wrote her name and added a few other flourishes. Towards the end, Gracie was just having fun using up the icing. I think she would have covered the whole cake in icing if she could!

I am so glad that we got to participate this time around. If you remember the last class was canceled because Gracie was the only one signed up. Today they combined two groups and got 3 kids all together. So, again Gracie was the only one for her age group. I do hope they offer this again, it is such a fun idea.

They are offering adult classes, and you all know how I love to do cakes (see my cakes here). I am learning slowly, but I would love to be able to take an hour or two and do something for myself. Maybe I can find a sitter and sign up for this summer.

I got some great pictures from today. I posted the best.

As for the lemon cake, we all got a slice after dinner, and it was delicious. Too bad you aren't here to taste it for yourselves. I have quite the little pastry chef here. :)


Katie said...

Your cake is beautiful. You did a wonderful job.

Grandma said...

Wow! What a beautiful cake! I'm glad you and Mommy got to go and have such fun at the cake decorating class. I'm sure your cake tasted delicious. Thank you for sharing the picture of your cake.

Amy said...

yum! that looks delicious! she did a great job on it!