Friday, May 09, 2008

Unreasonable Expectations

I realized today that I am only human. Cool huh!

Actually, I realized how much we as parents and individuals can still have the rug pulled out from under us when it comes to how we perceive others.

When we were kids, we thought our parents, grandparents, teachers, etc. were infallible.

Garren talks about how boys react the day the realize they can beat their fathers. He says it is hard to see the man that you once thought was invincible as only mortal. He can also recall the day he realized his father was wrong about something. For him this was a HUGE blow. I can't remember seeing the truth in people when I was a child, as I was (and still very much am) a person who lives in my own sugary sweet naive world. But, I can back knowing some of the awful things I know about my family, or former neighbors, and it shades my view of them.

Today, I found that I still put people up on pedal stools.

Gracie and I were in Food Lion picking up a rotisserie chicken and when we checked out we found ourselves in line behind one of her preschool teachers. Gracie was so shocked I thought she was going to fall out of the little toy cart she was pretending to drive. We of course talked and smiled at her and waited our turn. And that is when the cashier returned with a pack of cigarettes.

Now, at this point most of you are laughing at me, but remember I am a first time mother who, I guess, expects any one who cares for my precious bundle to be perfect.

I should know better. Teachers are people too. They have lives, and faults, and are in fact fallible. My best friend Candice will tell you. She is a fourth grade teacher and I am sure that she has a few not-so-perfect qualities. Given this knowledge, I will have to admit, watching her buy cigarettes; which aren't illegal, are part of the norm in society, and are her own personal business; knocked me for a loop.

I am sure that I would get through life a lot easier if I were more like Garren. He expects the worse from people and says that way he is never disappointed. Me, I feel let down when a stranger doesn't respond to my smile or hello. While this frame of mind isn't the most healthy, maybe it is a little better. After all, I would rather expect the best from people, and have them expect the best from me. If we all tried a little harder, this big 'ole world would be a lot happier.

Can I buy anyone a Coke? :)

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Candice said...

Yeah, do you know how many teachers and school employees are total drunks? Yup, sure are. I don't drink (never have even tasted that stuff b/c I don't drink anything that is rotten)or smoke, and I certainly watch what I say in public. You are much better off to expect the worst in people, that way you are surprised when they actually do something good. So, take Garren's approach on this one. I've been let down by many people, and I suppose I'll continue to be. People are hard to trust...animals are much more trustworthy.