Friday, June 06, 2008

Bible School Graduation

Gracie has had so much fun this week in Tennessee. We spent the week at my friend Candice's and each night we went to her church for Bible School.

Preschool has done so much for my little wall flower. The first night she sat at the front with Candice and watched the puppet and participated and even went back with the kids as I stayed with the adults hoping to help her confidence. A few minutes later I was called back to find Gracie in tears. I stayed with her and her class that night, and we vowed to try again.

The rest of the week went smoothly. She made crafts, learned songs, colored and more all on her own. And the more the week went on, the more she participated in the group activities and the more friends she made. She was talking to the other kids and playing with them during free time.

So, by the last night, Gracie really had things down pat.

Of course, then I turn the camera on and she clams up again. Well, kind of. The last night was the big dinner and the graduation ceremony. Gracie's class had learned a little song to perform. When you watch you will notice she is standing up there, but she is the only child not singing. I can't really blame her though, participating is one thing--performing for a packed church is another.

Oh, but she had so much fun.

Below is the video from her graduation. Each child got a certificate, and plenty of goodies to take home after their song.

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