Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cutest Movie

It has been storming here all day, so what better way than to spend a rainy day than to take your favorite four year old to the movies.

Garren and I took Gracie to one of the cutest movies we have ever seen: Kung Fu Panda. We opted for the matinée and a very large popcorn, and were quite pleased with the feature.

Gracie seemed to get in to it too. She didn't say much during the movie between enormous handfuls of popcorn, but on the ride home she started talking about the characters and what happened. She would get more and more excited as she explained what happened to the bad guy. Leave it to mommy, but I pointed out that no one asked the bad guy to "stop being bad, please." This got an eye roll from daddy, but I think kids need to talk things out first before taking matters into their own hands.

Don't let me talk you out of going though--it was hysterical, and it wasn't violent at all, just really funny and it had a cute lesson in the end.

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Amy said...

yes. we went last week when it as storming too! very cute!