Friday, June 20, 2008

Stubbornly Refutes That She Hasn't Always Been The Center Of Our World

Gracie: " I like the pictures of your wedding mama."

Mommy: "Oh,thank you Gracie."

Gracie: "Did you hold my hand at your wedding?"

Mommy: "No sweetie, you weren't here yet."

Gracie: "Did you hold me in your lap?"

Daddy: "Gracie wasn't even here yet, you came 4 years later."

Gracie: "I got a big owie and that's why I wasn't there."

Mommy: (chuckling) "You got an owie?"

Gracie: "Yea, I tripped over your big long dress, and I got an owie. And I got in my car and drove home, that's why I missed your wedding." "But, then it was better and I came back."

Mommy: "So, did you like our wedding?"

Gracie: "Oh yea, it was beautiful!"


Pink Lemonade and Peonies said...

Hmmm. I think I may have passed her on the interstate that day.

Candice said...

Ha! And I suppose that she slept through our wedding-oh wait-according to some people...we didn't have a wedding. Anyway it was good for sleeping after some itiot turned the lights out! Maybe Gracie was my flower girl six years ago.

Gracie's Mommy said...

As you can see, Candice is a little bitter, even though her wedding was beautiful and done by candle light. For those of you who attended mine, ours was a disaster--but maybe that was because Gracie wasn't there. Gracie makes everything wonderful! :)

Shannon said...

That blog was the darned cutest thing ever!!! I love it! She was at your wedding. LOL