Thursday, July 17, 2008

Better Late, Than Never

We finally got a chance to celebrate Mallory's 15th birthday today, with a very sophisticated lunch.

Gracie was beyond excited as she was dying for Mallory to see the cake I had made for her. With their busy schedules we were able to find some time today to get together.

I pulled out all of my best and fanciest tableware and we had a very fancy lunch of...taco salads. Well, it was fun to put all the fancy things on the table anyway, even if it was just a fun lunch.

Mallory and Colette both seemed impressed by the cake, and that made me very happy. Gracie was very happy that she finally got to eat some of it.

We had a nice lunch and Mallory was such a sport and played with a very sugary Gracie. Now that Mallory's birthday-palooza is finally at an end--they are off again. This time to a camp in New York!

You can see my cake up close and personal by clicking here (it's the last cake in the folder).

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