Sunday, July 06, 2008

Early Services

Well, early for us anyway. We Methodist are used to traveling the less than half a mile down the road and getting to church by 11am. But, today we got up extra early, for some extra special people.

We went to Tom, Colette & Mallory's church this morning that started at a whopping 9:30 am! But, I just couldn't miss Tom singing!!! I didn't know a thing about it until Thursday evening when we saw them. As if this family isn't busy enough, they decided to start a choir at their church! Tom had a solo. In fact, Tom ran most of the service.

Gracie and I have been to see Tom preach several times before, but to hear him sing was an even bigger treat (and if you have ever heard him preach, it would be hard to top!).

I videoed their performance and put it on the blog I created for them. If you want to hear his voice and see his family behind him, you will have to check it out!!


Grandma said...

Wow, Great job! Great talent!
Although I could not be at the performance, I'm glad I could hear it here. Thanks for sharing!

Candice said...

You crack me up! You all think that 9:30 is early!!!! Tom has a great voice.