Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Early Start

I am getting a pretty early start on fall, already. No, I am not wishing time to go by faster--it all ready goes fast enough, and I have a pile of outgrown clothes to prove it.

I decided to go through Gracie's dresses and pull out things I know are too short and too small. By the time I finished that up I had a better idea of what she has and needs for school.

Gracie will be starting her second year of preschool, and of course she has to be ready. So, I am thinking I am pretty covered for school dresses through fall. I have a few winter things that I feel she will still be able to wear (knock on wood) and some larger things that I stocked away on trips to the thrift store.

So, my list isn't too bad. She needs school socks. If anyone sees knee socks (the old fashioned looking kind--pictured above) PLEASE let me know where you found them. I am searching without much luck for these. I haven't tried Target yet, and mom thinks she may have gotten Mariah a few pair from there. Also, new saddle shoes. I think her backpack is perfect for her and those small child ones are super hard to find. But, this year I think I will also make her a homemade tote bag to carry. The problem is her backpack is short and small and doesn't hold her papers and things without bending them. This way, she will have two to choose from. We are covered in dress I am thinking besides that nasty preschool physical we are ready for school to start. Well, I mean supply wise--I will continue to savor every last summer minute with my baby, after all when preschool is over I have to face Kindergarten ---AHHHHHHHH!

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