Friday, July 18, 2008

Ready To Read!

After working on letter sounds, the light is coming on inside that little four year old brain.

Today we worked on "at" words (bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat ). We have done this before, but it was frustrating for the both of us. So, after walking away and doing more with the basics, I decided to pull those words out again.

I made cards with pictures I cut out from a magazine. "Fat" was particularly hard since I don't want to associate anything bad with that word, especially since Mommy is I found a piece of meat from a grocery circular and explained that fat was found on meat--that should buy me a few years, right ;)

Anyway, I used these nifty post-its for teachers and wrote the words on them and then she matched the words to the pictures.

As and added incentive, she got a bite of cake for each one she got right. She wanted dessert after lunch, as Mallory's cake is still sitting there tempting her, so I made this sweet deal to help her "concentration."

The first time through she was able to sound things out and get 5 out of the 8. When we did it again she got all but one (ironically, she couldn't get "fat" both times). She was so proud and I made the biggest deal out of it. We will have to show daddy what she can do when he gets home.

After our game, we read and colored a printable book also using the "at" words (I love She was so excited and was reading the words as I pointed to them.

Things are finally clicking!

I am also working on her Kindergarten site word list. So, hopefully each day, or every other day we will have a new word to work on. Today's word: "jump." As you can see there is also a yellow word--this would be a word she wanted to learn to read, she choose "popcorn."

Hooray for reading!

**She holds her ears after getting one of her words right, as apparently I was sqealing! You would squeal too if your preschooler was learning to read :) **


Pink Lemonade and Peonies said...

Way to go, Gracie!!!

Grandma said...

Yaaaayyyyy Gracie! Keep up the great work!!
Hey, I probably would have learned to read quicker if I had gotten cake too. By the way, if I read when you come, would you make me an orange blossom cake? That would be good yea.

Candice said...

Good work Gracie! Tell Mommy that next time you'll read for fruties. Barbara, I just can't believe that you would bribe her with cake. I would never bribe a child-yeah right!!!