Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

I guess this is about as much drama as you will find in the Shipley home, so if you are looking for more action, you will have to tune in to another blog :)

Poor Gracie wants so much to be a big girl. She is already mostly there, but it bothers her so much that she still has to wear diapers at night.

We have explained to her that when her body is ready, then she can wear her undies to bed. The goal is 6 dry nights in a row before we attempt that feat.

We were going strong Monday morning as we put a third Ariel stamp on her calendar, but then this morning we discovered that her little body isn't ready yet. And, to add insult to injury, Gracie took a wonderfully long nap this afternoon, but woke up with wet sheets and dress.

Garren and I NEVER make a big deal about accidents, this poor child worries plenty with out adding more to it--plus, it really is no big deal. She seemed to take her step back in stride. When I asked this morning if she had a dry night, she said "no, but when my body gets bigger I will wear my undies to bed." As for the nap accident she simply said "it's okay though, I will pick out a new dress." I reassured her that it was in fact okay, and she helped me change her sheets and she picked out a new outfit.

I am guessing this little dance will go on for a while longer, but in a way I am not in a huge hurry for her to go to bed with undies; buying diapers is all I have left of my Baby Gracie.

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Amy said...

ahhhh... we still have a 6=7 yr old in pullups at night time... if it becomes an issue, they make these pads that wake up the kids when they start to get wet so the child learns to wake up at night to go potty... goodluck!!