Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Saturday

What a great family day we had today!

We started off at the library where we found new books, and even daddy picked out 3 novels; which I am sure he will have finished by weekend's end.

Then, it was off to Costco--the great and glorious home to obscene amounts of...well anything. Believe it or not we got out of there buying only a pineapple! This wasn't really a grocery trip, Garren just loves to take his time and walk around and look at all of the new things they have. The samples are always fun too!

By this time we are all way past hungry, so we decide on a new adventure. Daddy surprised us by pulling in to the Sonic. Gracie and I have never eaten at a Sonic, and we were like children, anxiously waiting the server to bring our food to the car. Gracie was thrilled to be bouncing around the car out of her seat belt and was eying all of the sweet treats on the menu beside her car window. When the food arrived, Gracie giggled and I formed an impromptu tray since the food was very hot. I think we all liked sitting in the car with the windows rolled down enjoying our lunch. (We're pretty easy to excite aren't we!)

After lunch Daddy gave us a slight tour of what is new in Winchester, and somehow we ended up at Toys R Us. Have you heard that there is a new Ariel movie coming out. Well we have heard all about it for a week now--and now, we will be one of the first to get ours. This straight to DVD movie comes out August 26th, and we reserved our copy while we were at the toy store. Garren thought this would be a great treat for Gracie, but as you can imagine it took several explanations on why we don't have the movie yet, and why she has to wait. Ah, the best of intentions.

At this point it is after 5pm and a sleepy Gracie and an exhausted mommy and daddy head home to relax.

A fun day!

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Candice said...

Gracie, you'll have to do a countdown to the day you get your Ariel movie! I'm sure that you'll enjoy watching it. I'm glad you liked Sonic. We like Sonic pretty good ourselves! Elliott goes for their bacon cheeseburgers, and I like the popcorn chicken. Of course we love the sweet treats too!